More than 50% of all ecommerce will go through Amazon in 2018.

You want a big piece of that pie. But how can you access customer information on the Amazon platform—and use it to sell more of your products and services? And how can you maintain your margins in the process?

Insight + expertise = optimization.

We partner with vendors and 3rd party sellers who want to ratchet up revenue on Amazon. Here’s how we do it:

  • Develop and execute a customer-centric sales strategy to expand your brand and sell more products on Amazon.
  • Use proprietary software and data analytics to build relationships with Amazon buyers, so that you can drive repeat business, customer loyalty, and profits.
  • Produce A+ content and creative that gets buyers’ attention and sets you apart from the crowd.
  • Advertising
  • Navigate Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) tools so that you can fine-tune campaigns and improve results.

More customers. More sales. More growth.

With our approach, you’ll have the infrastructure, expertise, and insight you need to drive high revenue and high growth. High five.