13 surprising effects of vinegar.

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source : pixabay

**1. Diabetes**

To protect your body from diabetes,

It promotes the decomposition of energy sources such as carbohydrates and fat.

I need to boost my metabolism.

Vinegar has this function.

If you eat it with food,

When it comes to fish or vegetables with vinegar,

It’s good if you eat a lot.

**2. High blood pressure**

It prevents the synthesis of fat,

It promotes the decomposition of fat,

It also suppresses salt intake.

It helps diuretic action.

**3. Arteriosclerosis**

For arteriosclerosis, cholesterol in the arteries

Neutral fat accumulates and protrudes like a hump.

It’s caused by aging of blood vessels.

The constant use of vinegar causes arteriosclerosis.

It has a preventive effect.

**4. Soy sauce bottle**

It is not absorbed due to poor function, and at the same time, various harmful substances are not absorbed.

It’s a disease that spreads throughout the body without being detoxified.

It promotes the excretion of these harmful substances.

Also, due to the intake of amino acids,

It prevents protein deficiency.

**5. Gastrointestinal disease**

It not only promotes the secretion of gastric fluid,

It has a strong sterilization effect.

It inhibits the reproduction of harmful bacteria in the stomach and at the same time,

It contains a lot of vitamin B1.

It is effective in relieving appetite.

**6. Kidney disease**

If you have something wrong with your kidney,

The role of discharging unnecessary substances into the body,

If you take vinegar for things you can’t finish,

The kidney functions well by controlling the anti-diuretic hormone.

It makes you look for it.

**7. Constipation**

It has the function of enhancing metabolism in the body.

It facilitates activities in the hall and generates carbon dioxide.

Constipation is relieved by causing stool.

You can mix a cup of milk with an apple vinegar.

It’s good to dilute it in water instead of milk and mix it with honey.

**8. Obesity**

I want to have a slim body.

It’s a wish for both men and women, especially for housewives.

It prevents sugar from turning into fat.

It helps to break down fat.

It has an anti-obesity effect.

**9. Insomnia**

Insomnia caused by stress.

Vinegar relieves calcium absorption and mental tension.

**10. Osteoporosis**

It helps calcium from food to be absorbed into the body.

It plays a role in facilitating calcium adsorption in the body.

It also controls adrenal cortical hormones.

It is very effective for osteoporosis.

**11. Back pain**

Vinegar contains a lot of organic acids such as acetic acid and citric acid.

It helps to break down lactic acid and prevents fatigue.

It gives flexibility to the waist.

**12. Tasting, aging of skin**

Vinegar breaks down lactic acid in your skin or muscles.

It helps smooth the flow of blood.

It does not leave waste on the skin.

**13. Chronic fatigue**

If you lose your balance or exercise too much,

If you spend a lot of energy, you’ll be able to burn it incompletely.

The residue of nutrients will remain in the next blood.

You often feel tired.

If you can’t get rid of fatigue even after light exercise,

If you dilute 10 to 15g of vinegar or citric acid in water,

It is sweet and good to drink as a drink.

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