5 surprising effects of sweet potatoes.

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**Sweet Potatoes”! Five unexpected reasons to eat.

When I’m hungry, I’ll eat a small sweet potato.

Eating makes a great health snack.

It’s easier to eat than processed foods with a lot of chemicals.

Sweet potatoes are good for health. Medical scientists have published papers on them.

It is one of the few foods that recognize its effectiveness.

It helps prevent lung cancer and colon cancer, lowers blood pressure,

It also reduces fatigue.

Sweet potatoes that are common around us…

Let’s find out why we have to eat unexpectedly.

**1. Sweet potatoes, the number one cancer mortality reason for preventing lung cancer**

Lung cancer is the number one cancer mortality rate in Korea.

According to the data released in 2019,

According to the report, 26,985 cases of lung cancer were reported.

It occurred and ranked third among all cancers.

For lung cancer, even women who don’t smoke

You have to be careful. Due to kitchen smoke and air pollution,

Non-smoking lung cancer is rapidly increasing.

Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene.

Vegetables. According to data from the National Institute of Horticultural Research,

Beta-carotene is a substance that synthesizes vitamin A.

It helps prevent cancer, especially lung cancer.

It has an excellent effect.

The National Cancer Information Center also has the effect of preventing lung cancer in sweet potatoes.

I admit it. It’s because of the beta-carotene content.

Sweet potatoes, carrots, old pumpkins, sweet pumpkins,

Spinach is also helpful.

**2. Why do you like it after eating sweet potato juice and grilled meat?**

Sweet potatoes contain different beta-carotene depending on the variety.

Sweet potatoes with a farming orange color are the highest in content.

According to the National Institute of Horticultural Research, the juice of sweet potatoes

It has ingredients that suppresses the occurrence of cancer.

It softens the toxicity of benzopyrene, a carcinogen.

Benzopyrene is produced a lot when grilled meat.

When you heat up the juice, it loses its activity.

It is better to grind sweet potatoes on a grater and squeeze them with cloth.

This is uncomfortable. If you use a mixer,

This is because the active ingredient is destroyed because it becomes high temperature.

Concentrate the sweet potato juice and apply it directly to your skin.

It also helps with skin cancer.

**3. The reason sweet potatoes help prevent colorectal cancer**

The high-quality vegetable fiber in sweet potatoes…

It is effective in relieving constipation. I’m going to work out my intestines.

It shortens the time it passes through the bowels.

It helps prevent colorectal cancer.

If you cut raw sweet potatoes, white oil comes out.

It is a yalaffin component that protects the wounds of sweet potatoes.

Constipation is relieved by the synergistic effect of vegetable fibers and yalaffin.

These two ingredients are heated or cooked.

You can use it, but the juice is more effective.

The dietary fiber of sweet potatoes is the level of cholesterol in the blood.

You can lower it. It’s an anti-cholesterol drug, cholesteramine,

It produces a very similar effect.

In an experiment related to human digestion,

Out of 28 kinds of fruits and vegetables,

The dietary fiber of sweet potatoes is cholesterol.

Studies have shown that it was effectively removed.

**4. The reason sweet potatoes are good for high blood pressure**

potassium rich in sweet potatoes lowers blood pressure.

It reduces stress and prevents fatigue.

Healthy potassium levels in the cells

It’s 10 times higher than potassium, and on the contrary, in the blood,

The sodium concentration is 10 times higher than the sodium concentration in cells.

If you eat a lot of salty food, the sodium that increases in your blood

It breaks into the cell, expels potassium, and weakens the cell.

It does not function.

If something like this happens in kidney cells,

Kidney activity is disrupted and causes high blood pressure.

In order to lower blood pressure, you need to reduce sodium intake.

At the same time, it is effective to increase potassium intake.

People who focus on vegetarian food have high blood pressure.

The reason for this is that eating potassium through vegetables

Because I do it a lot. Inside the boiled sweet potato juice,

Besides potassium, there’s Pantothenic acid (vitamin B complex).

It reduces stress and excretion of sodium.

Promote to prevent elevated blood pressure.

**5. Antioxidant (preventing aging) action of sweet potatoes**

Sweet potatoes have vitamin E, which is good for preventing aging.

It contains 1.3mg per 100g. The anti-aging effect is…

It is because of the antioxidant effect of vitamin E.

It binds to oxygen in human cell membrane tissue.

There’s a phospholipid that’s easy to oxidize when it’s oxidized.

A harmful substance called peroxide lipids is produced.

When these harmful substances accumulate in the blood vessels,

Arteriosclerosis is promoted and blood vessels are weakened.

Vitamin E produces lipids peroxide through antioxidant action.

It suppresses your skin and blood vessels to keep them young.

It contributes to the prevention of adult diseases.

Sweet potatoes are also good for snacks.

I usually eat multigrain rice, brown rice, and bean rice.

If you eat sweet potatoes as a snack when you’re hungry in the afternoon,

It increases your intake of fiber, making your intestines more comfortable.

It can prevent overeating in the evening.

Instead of snacks or soda, medium-sized sweet potatoes.

It’s good to eat about one, vegetables, and fruits.

To prevent obesity, fruits are better than desserts.

Eating before dinner is also helpful.

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