A very simple way to solve indigestion.

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source : pixabay

**1. Make sure to eat breakfast**

Morning functions to normalize your metabolism.

Make sure to eat breakfast so that you can digest normally.

**2. Eat plenty of fiber**

High-fiber meals not only relieve indigestion,

It prevents diseases such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, hemorrhoids, and colorectal cancer.

**3. Chew on food well**

Chewing is the most important part of digestion.

In addition to breaking the chewing food into small pieces, the salivary glands, stomachs, and small intestine…

Signals are sent to secrete 22 digestive enzymes.

**4. Exercise regularly**

Exercise helps digestion.

Studies have shown that not exercising, obesity, stomachache, diarrhea,

And it was found that there was a connection between irritable bowel syndrome.

**5. Stress management**

Stress also goes to the digestive system and the amount of digestive enzymes.

It reduces production and adversely affects digestion.

**6. Water**

Drinking a lot of water during meals is prohibited, but if you drink little by little,

And drinking a lot of water usually helps digestion.

**7. Eating processed food**

Processed foods with a high GI index are a big enemy to digestion.

One of the reasons is that you eat more food than you need to taste stimulating.

**8. Drinking**

According to one statistic, 14% of digestive diseases are related to alcohol.

**9. Peppermint tea**

Instead of coffee after eating, drink herbal tea that helps digestion such as peppermint.

**10. Early dinner**

If you finish your meal early in the evening, you will be given enough time to digest before going to bed.

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