“Clap” is the best secret to staying healthy.

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The best way to stay healthy. “Organizing health clapping methods” 👨⚕️

The best way to take care of your health in the COVID-19 era!

Anytime, anywhere, in 5 minutes, ok!

These days, it’s hard to go out due to COVID-19.

Anyone can easily take care of their health at home.

The way to stay healthy is…

It looks like a normal move,

There is a secret to health hidden in it.

In the human hand, there are 14 veins and wrists.

It is said that there are 345 cramps at the tip of the finger.

If you clap, it stimulates the congestion in your palm.

It activates internal functions such as the heart and lungs connected to it,

It has the effect of promoting the flow of energy and blood circulation.

People who move their hands a lot…

There is also practical statistical data saying that you can live a long and healthy life.

# **👏 The effects of applause in more detail**

# **If you look at it, it’s as follows. 👏**

🌷 Relax your stiff body to relieve tension,

It relieves stress by increasing confidence.

🌷 If you clap with your whole body, rather than running,

I don’t have time to gain fat because I work out a lot.

It’s effective in dieting.

🌷 With the palm stimulation, which is a miniature version of our body

Every part of your body is lively and healthy.

It is effective in preventing and treating diseases.

🌷 Anyone can do it easily,

Whenever, wherever, without spending a penny.

It is an economic movement that can be done.

🌷 Since it’s both hands exercise, the left and right brains

It develops evenly and improves concentration.

You’re getting smarter.

# 👍 How to clap and how to do it 👍

**✅ Fist clap**

Hold both fists and put your fingers together.

I clap. If I do it when my head hurts,

It makes me feel clear and refreshed.

It’s also good when your shoulders are tired.

If it hurts while hitting, rub your fist up and down.

**✅Clap for the bud**

Clap with the tip of the palm connected to the wrist.

It has the effect of stimulating the bladder, so the genitals.

Good. It is effective for menstrual pain or menstrual irregularities.

Repeated hitting 40 to 50 times is also good for blood circulation.

You can see the effect of ankle pump exercise.

**✅Clap on the back of your hand**

It’s a round of applause that hits the back of one hand with the other.

Hit the back of your hand alternately with both hands. Bad posture.

It is good for people with back pain or poor spine.

It is also effective for skin care on the back of the hand.

**✅Clap at the fingertips**

Clap with only the ends of both fingers.

Stimulating the tip of your finger stimulates your eyes and nose.

For people with rhinitis or tired eyes,

It’s worth recommending.

It’s good to do it when you can’t concentrate while studying.

Repeat 40 to 50 times.

**✅Clap for eating show**

Stretch one hand and clench your fist with the other.

It is a movement that punches the open palms.

On the palm of your hand, there’s a heart, lungs, and cardiopulmonary system.

There’s a meridian. Cardiopulmonary function, breathing function,

It can help with blood circulation.

**✅ Give me a round of applause. (*Clap together)**

Stretch your fingers, lean back a little, and your wrists…

Clap with only your palms attached.

If you clap with your palms,

It has the effect of strengthening the built-in function.

**✅ Egg clap**

Like holding hands and grabbing an egg.

Gather in a circle and bump into each other. Let’s clap with a stroke.

It helps prevent dementia, eliminates forgetfulness, and memory.

It is effective in losing.

**✅Clap from the back of your neck**

Turn both hands behind your neck and clap vigorously.

It is very effective in relieving fatigue in the shoulder area.

I don’t have a good posture or work out.

If your whole body is stiff, at first, this move…

It will be very uncomfortable.

However, after a few repetitions, you will soon get used to it.

In addition to relieving shoulder pain, on shoulders and arms,

It also has a diet effect for people who have a lot of fat.

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