Food that’s good for preventing hair loss.

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source : pixabay

**1. Eggs**

The biotin ingredient in the egg…

It prevents hair loss, dandruff, and boring dermatitis.

Especially, yolk helps your hair regenerate.

The shiny hair…

They’re going to make it for me.

**2. Black beans**

Black beans are rich in arginine and amino acids.

This prevents hair from falling out and helps hair growth.

Black beans contain 3 times more vitamin B than milk.

It’s beneficial because it detoxifies our body.

In particular, polyphenols and proteins in black beans

It is said that it is best for scalp health, so it is good to eat black bean rice.

**3. Spinach**

When I see people with poor scalp condition,

Many people suffer from a skin disease called boredom dermatitis.

Bored dermatitis and excessive sebum are secreted on the scalp.

It turns red and itches like acne.

It’s a disease that can cause skin trouble.

It can also be chronic.

Spinach helps control sebum in the scalp.

It has ingredients. It’s vitamin A and fiber!

Excessive sebum secretion is said to lead to a healthy scalp.

**4. Nuts**

Nuts contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids.

This unsaturated fatty acid is oil that is liquid even at room temperature.

It lowers the level of cholesterol in our body.

Nuts include folic acid, vitamin B, and pantotepic acid.

It has a lot of nutrients, but it is said to help metabolism of protein.

You know that your hair is made of protein, right?

It’s effective if you eat it for a long time every day!

**5. Pomegranate**

Among the causes of excessive sebum on the scalp,

There’s also male hormone.

But pomegranate contains a lot of female hormones.

If you eat pomegranate, male hormones are suppressed.

It prevents hair loss and improves scalp health.

And there’s something called aha.

It removes dead skin cells from your skin.

It’s going to make it pretty.

If you’re a woman, you can prevent hair loss, skin health,

Various effects can be seen at once with pomegranate.

**6. Olive oil**

Due to the cold and dry winter weather,

Hair loss is getting worse.

If you apply olive oil on your scalp, it strengthens your hair.

Not only does it prevent hair loss,

It is said to soften rough hair.

For those with hair loss symptoms, it is recommended to do it steadily.

**7. Kelp**

Kelp has the ingredients that make up the hair.

It’s rich in iodine, vitamins, iron, calcium, and protein.

It’s a good food for preventing hair loss.

If you are worried about hair loss, please try kelp.

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