Golf introductory guide.

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**Tips for beginners in golf – Golf introductory guide**

How can I start playing golf? “I’m going to the golf practice range.” Buy supplies. Learn a perfect swing based on lessons. Go to the field to check the skills you have accumulated. ‘ Looking at it like this, it looks simple. However, the beginning of golf has more things to prepare than I thought.

For example, you need to be familiar with detailed information such as what kind of practice to learn, how much lessons to receive, where and how to purchase, and what preparations to make it to the field for the first time. So I prepared it. For prospective golfers who want to learn golf, or for novice golfers who have already stepped in. I hope it will be of greater help to timid golfers who have difficulty asking questions.

What is golf?

**What is golf?** It is a game in which the ball stopped on the course is hit into a club and put into a set hole to determine the superiority and inferiority of the number of strokes required. The definition of golf is easy. However, it is recognized that it is not an easy-to-start sport for golf yet. However, even if you turn your eyes around a little, you can easily access golf. Anyone can learn golf at an indoor golf practice range, a screen golf course, and a sports center with a golf practice range. This shows that golf is already becoming a popular sport.

**Then what should I prepare to learn golf?** First, the most important golf club will be needed. The types of clubs vary widely and the prices vary that much. However, there is no need to organize a full set at the beginner stage. You can buy used bonds or use a practice club in the practice range.Prepare golf shoes and gloves among other items. Golf shoes are inexpensive shoes for practice, not expensive shoes. It doesn’t matter if you wear sneakers at first. Gloves play a role in helping players catch the club and protect their hands, so it would be better to buy them if possible.

**Learning golf more easily **First of all, to get closer to golf, you’d better watch golf-related broadcasts. These days, SBS Golf, J Golf, MBC ESPN, and Internet broadcast C-LEMON.There are golf channels such as TV golf channels, so you can easily watch golf games.If you watch carefully, you will naturally get used to golf terms, manners, and posture. Terms are too many to be mastered, but if you remember only a few important terms, you won’t have much difficulty enjoying golf. If you want to study in detail, it is also very helpful to read the glossary.The rules are also vast and somewhat complicated, but if you know a little of the basics, there is no big difficulty. However, you need to learn rules steadily, so you should study them steadily. In addition, manners are the most basic common sense that golfers must keep, so let’s keep some things in mind not to act rudely.

[Golf introductory guide] Tips for beginners. – Golf introductory guide.

Golf practice range selection Tip Golf practice range selection Tip Golf practice range selection Tip Golf practice range selection Tip Golf practice range selection Tip Golf practice range selection Tip

In order to learn golf, of course, you will have to go to the golf practice range. Golf practice ranges are divided into indoor practice ranges and outdoor practice ranges according to their form.The indoor practice range looks like a net set up in a limited room. The distance between the at-bat and the net is about 1 to 3 meters at most. It is a place where you can practice at a lower cost than an outdoor practice range. You can roughly think of the membership fee as 150,000 won to 200,000 won per month.The outdoor practice range is a small place with a distance of 30-50 yards from the batter’s box to the net, or more than 200 yards, and even has convenient facilities such as golf shops, saunas, and rest rooms. These large-scale practice ranges receive membership registration on a monthly, three, six, or one-year basis, or lend part-time at-bats. The practice cost is about 300,000 won, which is more expensive than an indoor practice range.

Tips for beginners in golf. – Introduction guide to golf.

Indoor practice range vs outdoor practice range

Then, which one should I choose between an indoor practice range and an outdoor practice range? This is not a matter of choice, but a situation where choices have to be different depending on the process and pattern. Of course, there is no principle that you should start from anywhere in the indoor or outdoor practice range. However, both places have functional characteristics, so it is necessary to take a look and choose.

An indoor practice range is good to learn the exact swing. Golfers have wanted to hit the ball since they first caught the golf club. That’s why lesson professionals ask me to catch up with the swing form through an empty swing, but it usually doesn’t follow. He wants to hit the ball even if the swing is not completed. From this point on, concerns about head-ups begin to emerge.

Indoor practice range In that sense, it is suitable for learning the exact swing. Since you can’t see the ball flying, it’s good for understanding swing mechanisms such as swing trajectory and impact. It can also be done in an outdoor practice range, but the indoor practice range is more advantageous in terms of environmental conditions because the distance in front is only about 1m to 3m.

Therefore, if you are a beginner, it would be better to learn swing indoors for at least a month at an indoor practice range and then move to the outdoors to understand the pitch or gain field experience. In addition, you can meet similar levels of golfers in the indoor practice range, and if you practice and talk together, you can start golf more fun by exchanging difficulties and questions with each other.

However, even if you are a beginner, you don’t have to stick to the indoor practice range all the time. If you’ve made progress to the full swing stage, it’s a good idea to go to the outdoor practice range once or twice a week. Practice in the outdoor practice range is easy to increase the direction and distance of the ball. In addition, the outdoor practice range in the suburbs is equipped with a par-3 practice range or a bunker shot practice range, which is helpful for actual practice.

Practice with high quality is important

At the first stage of golf, it is recommended to go to the practice range every day if possible. The same may be true of any exercise, but it is especially important not to lose repetition and sense in golf. Because you use muscles that you don’t use in your daily life, you easily lose your senses if you don’t practice for a few days. Professional golfers even say that if they don’t practice for two days, their senses become dull.

Therefore, it is ideal to practice regularly. It’s good to practice for 3-4 days a week. Professional golfers boast that they hit five to six hundred balls a day and some club champions hit more than 1,000 balls a day when they first learned golf. However, practice is not a matter of quantity, but a matter of quality. If you hit 1,000 balls with the wrong swing, it would be in vain. This is worse than hitting 10 balls according to the exact swing form with sincerity. The important thing is not the amount of practice, but also how regularly you practiced. Practicing 100 balls a day is a hundred times more effective than hitting 1,000 balls a day and taking a break for three or four days.In order to practice this often, choosing a golf practice range close to home is also an important tip to know.

[Golf introductory guide] Tips for beginners. – Golf introductory guide.

Choosing a good lesson program will determine your life.

**Why are you learning golf?** I’m going to do it because everyone else is doing it. No. All exercise is aimed at keeping our bodies healthy. So is golf. It is a sport that kills two birds with one stone that is fun and can take care of your health. Therefore, in order to maximize the effects of golf, it is important to know a lot about golf and to choose a lesson pro with excellent skills from an early age. This is because learning the right posture helps improve health and skills.

Professional doesn’t mean they’re all the same. In general, there are professionals from the Korea Professional Golf Association and the KPGA Tour at the golf practice range, and various professionals such as semi-professionals and lesson professionals are taking lessons. It is common to see that KPGA Tour professionals give top-notch lessons, but tour professionals do not necessarily mean that they have good lesson skills, and semi-professional or lesson professionals do not mean that they can’t take lessons.

Therefore, when choosing a lesson pro, it is better to examine the qualities and attitudes of the pro rather than to determine the grade of the pro. Before choosing a lesson program, it doesn’t matter if you watch and decide whether you spend a lot of time referring to the opinions of people around you, explaining in detail with a sincere attitude, or whether you are demonstrating based on your experience, so make a choice with sufficient composure.

In addition, the following matters need to be considered. First, if possible, choose a person similar to his or her body type. The reason is that it is easy for golfers to follow the lesson pro and the lesson effect increases. Let’s also check whether the professional’s own curriculum is guided at the level of the trainee’s eyes. At the same time, it is also a matter to consider whether the trainee’s questions are clearly explained based on extensive knowledge and how many people to be taught. In order to increase the concentration of classes, it is usually better for one professional to teach three to four people.

Another important thing is to build a trust relationship with the lesson pro. You can learn a good swing posture only when you consistently practice and lessons for the first six months. Therefore, in order to build one’s skills, one must trust the professional’s teaching method and practice faithfully accordingly.

[Golf introductory guide] Tips for beginners. – Golf introductory guide.

Patience and effort are a must for beginner golfers

Patience is a prerequisite in starting golf. The more you endure and endure, the greater the outcome will be. Lesson professionals will instruct them not to hit the ball at first, but only to make empty swings. At this time, you should not hit the ball secretly.

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