Introduce how to exercise using the wall.

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Exercising existing planks, bridges, squats, etc. at home using walls can increase the intensity of exercise, which helps remove fat and build a resilient body. It can be recommended to those who want to increase the difficulty of exercise and see the exercise effect quickly. Check out five effective exercise methods using the wall.

1. Plank.

Lie on the floor and put your legs on the wall to support. Apply strength to the abdomen and hips, balance the body to prevent the pelvis from rising or drooping down, keep the elbows just below the shoulders, and straighten the palms and fix them to the floor. Keep your shoulder muscles firm, take a neutral direction so that your neck doesn’t lean anywhere, and look at the floor. Maintain your posture for 1 minute and hold out.

2. Plank and pull your legs.

Lie on the floor, put your legs on the wall, and then make a plank position. And you can start exercising to pull your legs. Pull the right knee toward the chest and fix it back to the wall. Then pull your left knee to your chest and return it to the wall, and you’ll be done once. Work out by changing your legs for a minute.

3. Pike plank.

Lie on the floor and start in a plank position with your legs on the wall to support. And you can make a shape close to the letter 자와 by pulling the position of your hand toward the wall little by little by little. After making a posture until the abdomen folds, return to the basic plank posture and complete one time. Repeat the same action over and over for 1 minute.

4. Bridge & Kick.

Lie on the floor with your back on the wall. Then, put your left foot on the wall and support your body, and lift your right leg toward the ceiling. In this state, it is important to lift the hip as much as possible so that the line from the shoulder to the left knee is straight. Keep your posture, repeat the movement of lowering and raising your body 15 times, and change your legs to exercise the same. Do it for a minute.

5. Squat transformation.

Stand a little away from the wall, raise your arm in the air, and proceed with the squat position as if you were sitting in a chair. Lower your thighs until they are parallel to the floor, and then lean your back and arms against the wall. To increase the exercise effect, lift one leg and put it on your knee. Hold out for a minute while maintaining your posture.

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