Seafood will boost your immune system.

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In order to prevent diseases such as colds, it is important to “eat well” foods that increase immunity.

Let me introduce typical seafood that boosts immunity, its efficacy, and recommended dishes!

Mackerel, which is nutritious and inexpensive.

Mackerel, the representative brand of blue back fish, is in the spotlight as its pharmacological efficacy is known.

The rich omega-3 fatty acids in mackerel protect the lungs from colds and flu while relieving inflammation.

It also contains a large amount of DHA and EPA to help boost blood circulation, prevent vascular disorders such as arteriosclerosis and stroke, and activate brain cells.

In particular, mackerel contains a lot of blood, that is, red meat, and contains a lot of fat, so it is rapidly deteriorating in leadership, but it is also considered an optimal natural longevity food for preventing various adult diseases.

Recommended menu

▶ “Mackerel over rice” is softer than eel over rice.

▶ Steamed mackerel with spicy and spicy aged kimchi.

It’s called the milk of the sea. Oyster.

Oysters are nutritionally excellent enough to be called “sea milk.”

Oysters are rich in various minerals such as iron, iodine, copper, zinc, and manganese, and vitamins.

Minerals, zinc, and iron in oysters regenerate skin tissues and strengthen immunity so that our body can fight against bacteria and viruses by strengthening white blood cells.

Zinc, in particular, prevents the rhinovirus, which causes most colds, from settling in the mucous membranes of the neck and nose, helping prevent colds!

When refrigerating oysters, rinse them in salt water to prevent them from deteriorating.

Recommended menu

▶ It’s really good when you eat it when it’s warm.

▶ Oyster seaweed soup with seaweed soup.


“Mussel,” a high nutritional food used in oriental medicine.

It is rich in vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and protein, so mussels are called high-nutritional foods so that they are boiled and dried in oriental medicine and used as medicine.

In particular, dried mussel ivy is rich in potassium, so this potassium releases excess sodium accumulated in the body and helps health.

It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, which is good for preventing anemia in adolescence by generating blood and promoting blood circulation.

Mussels containing these various nutrients strengthen immunity, and shellfish proteins also help produce immune cells.

​Recommended menu

▶ Simple recipe for cold winter. “Mussel cabbage soup”.

▶ Mussel soybean paste soup that’s delicious even when you don’t have an appetite.

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