The effect of squid.

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source : pixabay

Losing weight.

It’s good to eat when you lose weight. It’s included in the tau.Lin prevents cholesterol from being made and controls fat tissue to prevent obesity. In the case of squid calories, it is 87kcal less than 100g, and it is a low-fat, high-protein food, so it is one of the good things to lose weight and eat.


Selenium acts as an antioxidant to slow aging. Nucleic acid in ink is known to help, so let’s take that into mind.


It is said that the amount of taurine contained is 16 times that of beef and 47 times that of milk. And the main ingredient is protein, so it’s considered as a stamina food.


I can help you when you drink too much. Taurine detoxifies to remove liver toxins and improves liver function to help detoxify alcohol.

the circulation of the blood

It is rich in taurine, which reduces cholesterol levels and cleans blood vessels. It helps keep your blood healthy by facilitating blood flow.

Anti-cancer, antibacterial.

The ink in the squid is characterized by blocking a tumor called mucodaccharide electrosine. And it contains highly preservative bacterial soluble enzymes, which can eliminate various viruses and bacteria.


I said it was good for hangovers above because it was beneficial to the liver. The taurine inside helps form brain cells and inhibits brain sympathetic nerves to stabilize blood pressure. It also promotes bile secretion and has a positive effect on improving liver function.

Brain development.

It is also one of the brain-beneficial foods. It contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA and EPA, which are characterized by improving the brain and improving memory. And it’s also known to be beneficial in preventing dementia, so let’s eat well.


It is a chronic disease that weakens our entire body, and in this case, we need to take good care of folic acid and iron. Squid contains these ingredients to promote the production of high-quality blood.


It contains phosphorus and calcium, which are bone components. Since bones are organs that support and protect the body, it is important to eat foods that make you better. If you eat squid, it absorbs bones and helps you become stronger.

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