The reason you need to work out your muscles.

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✅ First, it reduces the overall mortality rate by 30%.

✅ Second, after dementia, tremors and degenerative brain disease,

It is also very effective in preventing and treating Parkinson’s disease.

✅ Third, it strengthens the function of the heart and lungs.

In addition to colorectal cancer and breast cancer, various cancers are effective.

It prevents it.

✅ Fourth, it strengthens bones and causes osteoporosis muscles


Muscles that block and support joints.

It strengthens ligaments and improves the quality of life in old age.

I’ll give it to you.

✅ Fifth, it’s good for mental health. Reduce stress.

It relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression.

It’s also a great help in prevention.

“Endorphin”, a natural drug, comes out when working out muscles.

After working out, I feel very satisfied and happy)

✅ Sixth, our body’s muscles are in the bloodstream.

It absorbs blood sugar and controls blood sugar.

It helps.

(Among the cases of completely cured diabetes, the case of muscular exercise)

That’s the most common reason)

✅ Seventh, it’s a great help to diet.

Walking and running without doing weight training.

If you only do cardio, with fat,

You lose muscles, too. The amount of muscles in your body…

It’s going to decrease.


When you’re on a diet, make sure to do cardio.

You need to work out 통합택배조회 your muscles together.

(Very important!)

Doing both aerobic and muscular exercises

It’s the most ideal exercise method.

(One day, walking or hiking, one day, weight training,

It’s a good idea to divide it like this.

These days, when jogging outside, you can work out your muscles.

There’s also a way to use exercise equipment)

If you keep saving your muscles,

I don’t gain weight at all. I’m healthy.

It changes, and it adds to the beauty of the song.

Motivation to work out continuously.

That’s how it happens.

The reason why you have to do weight training that you didn’t know!

I’m going to work out my muscles starting today.

Don’t you have a resolution?

Now! Starting today, the most…

Start saving important things!

Muscle saving!

I always support your health and happiness!

I’ll give this information to the people around me.

I hope you share it with us and have an exciting and happy time.

Let’s get ready for retirement!

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