Washington D.C, organized major destinations.

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Today, we’re going to talk about major destinations in Washington.

Washington divided by Pierre Lanfang’s plan. The key summary of Washington’s major tourist attractions in the order they were built!


1. National Assembly building.

It is a Neo-Classic building decorated with a large dome, and the Statue of Liberty stands at the top. Located in Washington’s most important location, visitors can visit the site through reservations unless it is during the National Assembly convocation of the National Assembly.

2. White House.

Presidential residence and office.

It is located at the end of Pennsylvania Boulevard, extending northwest from the Capitol. It was nicknamed White House because of the exterior of the white building.

3. National Gallery.

You can already feel that it is a world-class gallery from the same exterior as a Greek temple.

Works by masters such as Monet, Renoir, and Cezanne are on display.

And you can enjoy skating in an outdoor sculpture during the winter season from November to March.

4. Aerospace Museum.

It is one of the buildings built by the Smithsonian Foundation on the National Mall set up as a public place.

It is the world’s largest museum that shows the history of aviation and space development as an educational space representing the view of American history and the spirit of the future.

5. Washington Memorial Tower.

Although the city’s name is Washington D.C., it was built to commemorate George Washington, which was not completed until 1884 due to budget issues, political disputes, and the Civil War.

The Washington Memorial Tower forms a right triangle with the White House and the Capitol.

Standing at the top of the tower, you can see tourist attractions in Washington, D.C. at a glance. It is also called the Pencil Tower because of its appearance.

6. Lincoln Memorial Hall

The Lincoln Memorial Hall, designed in the same shape as the Greek Dorian Temple, was built between 1914 and 1922.

On the wall above the statue, it is engraved, “The temple forever houses memories of Abraham Lincoln, who saved the Union as he did in everyone’s hearts.”

Lincoln’s second inaugural address and Gettysburg speech are also engraved inside the temple.

A reflection pool stretches toward the Washington Monument over Doris-style pillars symbolizing 36 states that were part of the federation at the time.

7. A park commemorating the Korean War Memorial Park.

Behind the Lincoln Memorial Hall, there is a memorial space over the Potomac River. Among them, the Korean War Memorial Park is made with 19 soldiers searching and is a life-size statue consisting of different races and diseases.

Based on the statue, 19 statues are reflected on the black stone wall on the right, forming the 38th parallel. If you’re a Korean, it’ll be more meaningful, right?

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All tourist attractions in Washington, D.C.
Let’s walk around the National Mall. They are gathered as far as possible.

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