What is web 3.0?

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The basic meaning is spider web. A kind of connection service that allows information to be exchanged on the Internet.
The representative language used to configure the web is html; the Internet we see is a web composed of html languages, and the programs that allow us to view this web are web browsers (Google Chrome, Naver Whale, etc.).

Many of you may know that the www that is attached when searching for an address on the Internet is worldwide web.

The web is divided into 1.0 (past) → 2.0 (present) → 3.0 (coming future). However, web stage (not exactly stage) does not refer to different objects such as the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13, but rather technology change.

**1.0** was a form in which ** information was transmitted in one direction by the media. What about **Web 2.0** now? It is a ** interactive exchange form in which the information producer is not determined. It’s Web 2.0 that people leave comments after watching Naver news, and I post a blog.

As we came to Web 2.0, information production became more active, and as a result, platform companies that generate information (=💸) became stronger. Like Google or Facebook. To give an example of Naver blogs, bloggers produce information on Naver blogs, but Naver takes most of the benefits.

Web 3.0 is different. The information held by users is not bound by the value of a specific platform company, but  The user who created the information will be rewarded.

Web 2.0 used Chrome, but

When the era of Web 3.0 arrives, will we still use Chrome? When we search for information, we make money by selling that information and don’t give us money.

Brave, which includes blockchain technology, is a web browser created by one of Firefox developers. Among the various characteristics of Brave Browser, **BAT Token** will be described only.

In Brave browsers, users can receive rewards for advertisements through BAT. In the end, if a user sees an advertisement in the Brave browser, the user can benefit from it.

It is a token listed on the BTC market on Binance and listed on the won market on Upbit.

It’s an interesting concept. Of course, it’s not recommended for Brave browsers, so please don’t use it right away after looking at this.

Web 3.0 Coin

Just as there are sectors where money is concentrated by period in stocks, there are sectors where money is concentrated by period in coins.

If you look at which of the Web 3.0 coins is available, it will be very helpful later. I don’t invest in anything right now, but I’m studying.

In the end, today’s topic became information = money.

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